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Catholics For Renewal Submission to
the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, Rome

On the Theme of Synod
of Bishops XVI General Assembly For a Synodal Church: Communion,
Participation and Mission, 15 August 2022  

eFlipbook  – ‘Keys to renewing our Church together’

Summary Documents progressively written by Catholics For Renewal to
support Plenary Council participation have been brought together as a free ‘eFlipbook’
“Keys to
renewing our Church together”
in conjunction with
Garratt Publishing.

They are intended to assist in understanding common terminology and key principles likely to be encountered during deliberation of the 5th Australian Plenary Council and other Renewal Processes. The eFlipbook may be accessed at #93 on this website  DOCUMENTS  page.

On the Documents page unique profiles of individual Australian Catholic Dioceses may also be downloaded  at # 99. 



to Catholics for Renewal. This Website provides information on who we
are, what we do, our aims and concerns. It provides current information
in relation to renewal of the Church – aspirational, under pursuit, or
as it happens in real time.

welcome all Catholics who are committed to their faith and want a
Church which is Christlike in all it does, providing leadership in the
world based on the teachings of Christ. We are of the view that the
institutional Church needs renewal in accordance with those teachings.
We call for an outward-facing Church whose leaders are accountable,
transparent and inclusive, and which advocates unequivocally for the
rights of the oppressed and disadvantaged while tending practically to
their needs.

Encouraged by a history of church renewal 

Church reform over the centuries has been continual, but has required
great patience, too much patience. Whilst daunted by the challenge ahead
we are also encouraged by hopeful new signs of change, and some things
that have already been achieved in recent times or are starting to
happen.   These include initiatives by Pope Francis, and global
collaboration between a growing number of active national and
international Church Reform and Renewal groups, thanks to unprecedented
networking opportunities now readily available through new technology.
Also see Church Mutation.


 We are not
content with seeking renewal of the Church. We believe that we all have
responsibilities to commit to a better world. This website refers to a
variety of social concerns and also identifies particular issues in
which Catholics for Renewal is active, including the important area of
clerical child sexual abuse.You are invited to follow or otherwise
participate in our endeavours. See Contact Us.

This website provides opportunities for those who wish to express their views and/or support
the process of renewal in the Church, either directly or indirectly.
Catholics for Renewal comprises a diverse group of people who work
rigorously and professionally in all our research, analysis and
advocacy. We work as volunteers and welcome and encourage anyone with an
interest in Church renewal to support the group, either by becoming a
website ‘subscriber’ or more actively engaging with us. In any case all
are welcome simply to use this website as an information resource or as a
means of tracking the status of church renewal.

We need and want
a Church where we are ‘all one in Christ, with no more distinctions
…between male and female’ (Galatians, 3:28) and whose leaders read
well the signs of the times and interpret them in the light of the

We seek no more nor less than a Christlike Church, and we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all we do.

Peter Wilkinson (President)
Peter Johnstone (Past President, former Committee member)


There is no charge for subscriptions. If you would like to assist our work, here’s
a link to our ‘donate’ facility. All our limited funds are used
strictly and carefully for the purposes of Catholics for Renewal. Most
of our work is funded by members incurring expenses on behalf of the

# See News Updates  Here


Latest news reports

(details Here)

  • Synod document sets stage for wide-ranging debate on women, Catholic ministries and structures
  • Vatican releases Synod document calling for discussion of women, LGBT Catholics, church authority and more
  • Vatican II and synodality: a friendly response to Joan Chittister
  • The Secrets of Hillsong’ serves as warning to Catholics, too
  • Nothing really changed after Vatican II. But synodality may make a difference.
  • Survey: permanent deacon numbers in U.S. expected ‘to remain stable’ but continue slow decline
  • Catholic sector welcomes Government’s decision to establish Aged Care taskforce
  • Church celebrates journey towards reconciliation in Rome
  • Comeuppance or confession: a reckoning on clerical abuse?
  • Papal Envoy meets Ukrainian President
  • NATSICC launches website on Indigenous Voice to Parliament
  • A nun makes the case for women deacons to Pope Francis
  • SSPX priest sentenced to 20 years for abuse
  • ‘Astonishing’: Upcoming US bishops’ assembly won’t discuss Pope Francis’ ongoing synod
  • Oklahoma school board approves what would be the 1st taxpayer-funded religious school in US
  • Bishops Conference launches Laudato Si’ Action Plan
  • The pope’s economist
  • Francis’ cardinals now make up two-thirds of the papal electors
  • The Old Latin Mass won’t save the Church
  • Catholic Church Insurance refuses bailout, winding down
  • Belgian Bishop defends blessing same-sex unions
  • *A new phase in the “political papacy” of Pope Francis?
  • Bishops issue statement on Indigenous Voice to Parliament
  • Laymen and laywomen eligible to vote at Synod General Assembly
  • For first time in history, Pope Francis gives women right to vote at the synod
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Getting Back on Mission
Catholics For Renewal submission to the Australian Catholic Plenary Council 2020/2021 was available here but has since been updated and published as a book “Getting Back on Mission: Reforming Our Church Together”, published by
“The Australian Catholic Coalition for Church Reform (ACCCR) wrote an
Open Communiqué to all the Australian Bishops and religious leaders
prior to their meeting of 14-21 May 2020.

The Open Communiqué seeks
renewal and reform of our Church  in accordance with its Christ-given
mandate through the Plenary Council.

The Open Communiqué and covering
email may be read HERE.

Visit the ACCCR Website HERE

Notable Videos

What the Australian Catholic Church will look like in 2030
Dr Bob Dixon, St Thomas Moore Forum, 26 April 2017, Published on May 2, 2017
Video address by Dr Robert (Bob) Dixon to the St Thomas More Forum, Campell, A.C.T., on 26th April 2017.