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Plenary Council 2020/2021

Catholics For Renewal submission to Plenary Council 2020/2021.  Published 20 March 2019 (HERE)
Plenary Update on Process, Sunday 10 March 2019
The Plenary Council Team website has published a clear and comprehensive update on the Plenary process ahead, among other things including an overall process CHART , and the extract underneath. The next phase of the Plenary process as it affects respondents launches the 'Listening and Discernment" phase on on 9 June providing the Plenary THEMES for discernment. The Agenda will follow from the Listening and Discernment phase

Based on the Chart The steps ahead are: 
  • Draft preliminary National Report (published early June) with emergent themes for the Plenary Council identified. Listening and Discernment stage (start 9 June)
  • Application and selection of Working Group Chairs and members – one Working Group for each identified theme – to develop council papers for discussion as 1st session (starts in June 2019)
  • Working Groups meet for first time and local group discernment begins (July 2019)
  • Nominations open for [selection] of lay delegates to Plenary Council (September 2019)
  • Diocesan qualitative reports published by NCPR (October 2019)
  • Draft Plenary Council papers prepared by Working Groups made available for download and discussion (April 2020)
  • 1st Session 4-11 October 2020 in Adelaide
  • 2nd Session May 2021 in Sydney

EXTRACT The Plenary Team website refers to the Listening and Discernment phase & what happens just before:
 With the Listening and Dialogue phase now complete, the National Centre for Pastoral Research will continue the deep listening process, conducting a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the submissions received and, using best-practice research methods, will identify key themes that have emerged.    

Then, in May, the Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council, the Plenary Council Executive Committee and the Facilitation Team will work together with the National Centre for Pastoral Research to finalise the National Themes for Discernment.  Those themes will become the focus for the Listening and Discernment phase and will be the foundations for the Plenary Council agenda.

    With the second phase of the Plenary Council process – Listening and Discernment – to begin in June, it is important to understand what discernment is. In the coming weeks and months, there will be a number of articles and videos created to help explain discernment."
Plenary Council 2020: Some Augmented and Complementary Resources
The Plenary Council website includes primary resources with an online opportunity to submit inputs to the Plenary Council agenda setting process.       To further assist Individuals, small groups, parishes, schools, deaneries and others input their ideas  to the Plenary Council the Yarra Deanery in Melbourne in collaboration with Catholics for Renewal has collated and indexed additional resources to augment and complement those on the Plenary Council website.           These indexed resources, together with those on the Plenary Council website are designed to support the People of God, of all ages, as we collectively listen, speak, discern and deliberate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit on our journey together in contemporary times. These additional resources further help us towards renewing and re-energising our Church so that it may be an effective instrument of God’s mission, and a credible sign pointing to and making present God’s Kingdom on earth.