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Newsletter July 2023

CFR Newsletter July  2023

CFR Editorial July 2023

The Local Church should select its Bishop: An ancient tradition. David Timbs  HERE Local Church selects its Bishops DT linked.pdf

Complete Synodal Mass Jim Jones 20 July 2023   HERE

Newsletter June 2023

CFR Editorial June 2023

Newsletter April 2023 Newsletter 26 April2023 The Legacy of Pope Francis 10_Years_On.pdf Constitution for the Church final_DT_20230221-2.pdf

Newsletter February 2023

December 2022 Editorial:

Witnessing Gender Equality in the Church: When?

February 2023 Editorial

A Constitution for the Church final_DT_20230221 Constitution for the Church final_DT_20230221-1.pdf

Religious freedom to discriminate, ML Final 20230222 freedom to discriminate, ML Final 20230222-1.pdf

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Newsletter 6 December 2022   
Editorial     HERE

PDF Version of Newsletter  HERE For Renewal Newsletter, 6 December 2022, Witnessing Gender Equality in the Church, When.pdf

Newsletter  8 November 2022   Editorial  HERE

PDF Version of Newsletter   HERE  

Top 20 most prominent or widely discussed issues in 17,500 PC submissions   -  HERE

Newsletter 23 August 2022

PDF Version of Newsletter HERE

PDF version of TABLE - Synodality in the Australian Dioceses   HERE

Word version of submission to the 2023 Synod of Bishops   HERE

Newsletter 20 June 2022   HERE For Renewal Newsletter, Plenary Council Motions - no match for the Churchs crisis, 20220620.pdf

Newsletter 25 May 2022    HERE


CAM Synod of Bishops Synthesis  HERE

Newsletter 15 February 2022


Synod of Bishops, Diocesan Engagement Survey 8 Feb 2022   HERE

Newsletter 2 February 2022


Newsletter PDF: Newsletter 2 February 2022 There_is_no_Good_News_in_discrimination.pdf

Past Newsletters:

Do not be afraid. See, I am doing a new thing!

After 3 years of intense preparations the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia is now well underway. The First General Assembly, conducted online across 5 Time Zones from 3-10 October 2021, has concluded and Catholics are rightly asking: What did it achieve?  Is God doing a ‘new thing’ for the Church in Australia?  What were the Australian bishops intending the Council to achieve?

Catholics For Renewal  Newsletter 6 December 2021 HERE


OLD CFR  Newsletter 6 December 2021  HERE

CFR Newsletter 27 September 2021

Newsletter PDF:  HERE

Plenary Council Members: An Analysis         HERE Council - PC Members - an analysis - FINAL -  26 September 2021-2.pdf

Editorial:   HERE

CFR September 2021 Newsletter     HERE
CFR July 2021 PDF Newsletter HERE
July 2021 Newsletter PDF  HERE
May 2021 Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter PDF HERE For Renewal Newsletter - Plenary Council contributions and concerns 20 May 2021-1.pdf

Convocations: The Future of Catholicism in Australia   Friday 16 April 2021

Convocations of Catholics - Special email to supporters of renewal Fri 16 April 2021.PDF

Joan Chittister Flyer 2 may 2021     HERE Convocation May 2 UPDATED AD 120421.pdf


1 date corrected.  CFR Newsletter 25 March 20210325      HERE

1. C4R Newsletter 25 March 2021    HERE  

February 2020 Editorial   HERE

VIDEO Editorial

C4R - letter to bishop Brady re UN Treaty on Nuclear Weapons - final    HERE

The Light from the Southern Cross        HERE

C4R Newsletter February 2021 SYNODALITY - the inclusive element     HERE

December 2020 Editorial

December 2020 EDITORIAL    HERE Newsletter_Advent__Waiting_with_hope_for_Church_renewal 20201210.pdf

October 2020 Newsletter HERE For Renewal Newsletter 29 October 2020.pdf



Summary Document:  
Discernment - It has been decided by the Holy Spirit and by ourselves    HERE


September 2020 Newsletter  HERE Newsletter 27 September 2020 2.pdf

.PDF Version of Newsletter Here

.PDF Version of  Know the Dioceses in 2020    HERE the Dioceses in 2020,  Peter Wilkinson September 2020-3.pdf

August 2020 Newsletter   HERE

.PDF Version of August Newsletter     HERE

August 2020 Editorial      HERE

Summary Document STEWARDSHIP     HERE - FINAL - Summary Document - Stewardship - PW_ML_PJ - 20200821.pdf

MEDIA RELEASE 6 August 2020  

.PDF Version of MR    HERE

Catholics for Renewal endorses Columban Call for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Columban Message of Peace and Nonviolence

July 2020 Newsletter

PDF of July 2020 Newsletter HERE


Australian Catholics’ sensus fidei: Priority Issues for the Plenary Council. Peter Wilkinson, June 2020       HERE

June 2020 Newsletter

Editorial   HERE Summary Document  Subsidiarity FINAL 20200624-1.pdf

ACCCR Zoom Conference Media Release 18 June 2020     HERE 18June20  MEDIA RELEASE - FINAL 230620-1.pdf

C4R Newsletter June 2020     HERE Newsletter June 2020.pdf
Papers from ‘Shaping the Future of the Church’ Symoposium in March 2020

1.Reforming the Church by Hitting the Reset Button:  Dr Myriam Wijlens;   HERE
2.Episcopalism Abuse Crisis by Massimo Faggioli;                 HERE
3.Seeking the Right Side of History by Richard Lennan;           HERE
4.Theology for a Future-Oriented Church.   Richard Lennan.   HERE
May 2020 Newsletter

Summary Document No.6  Priesthood, Celibacy & Marriage    HERE
C4R Newsletter 28 May 20020    HERE

ACCCR Open Communique 1 May 2020  HERE
Media Release, 23 May 2020: Historic report withheld - Bishops 'business as usual'   HERE

Catholics For Renewal Logo HEADER 7F (small)   HERE
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April 2020 Newsletter HERE
April 2020 Newsletter EDITORIAL  HERE
March 2020 Newsletter Editorial   HERE
An Easter calling to us by name - Message from Archbishop Peter Comensoli    HERE
CFR March Newsletter         HERE
Garrat Publishing GBOM Link   HERE
Summary Document  Women and Ministry   HERE
April 2020  Newsletter PDF Version     HERE

March 2020 Newsletter EDITORIAL  HERE
C4R Editorial March 2020 Has the diversity of voices been called?    HERE
CFR February Newsletter The Rights and Responsibilities of Christ's faithful in Australia   HERE
Garrat Publishing GBOM Link   HERE
Summary Document  Clericalism    HERE
March 2020  Newsletter PDF Version       HERE

February 2020 Newsletter
C4R EDITORIAL PDF Feb 2020 Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Final 20200226_1220 HERE
C4R EDITORIAL WORD Feb 2020 Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Final 20200226_1220 HERE
CFR Summary Document 3 Co-responsibility: sharing in church governance  HERE
CFR brief PJ comment on Querida Amazonia  HERE
CFR brief PDF PJ comments on Querida Amazonia HERE
Editorial CFR Newsletter 27 February 2020 HERE
CFR Newsletter February 2020 HERE
January 2020 Newsletter
C4R Synodal Governance for a pastoral church Summary Document 20200129  HERE
CFR Newsletter pdf version  30 January 2020  HERE
December Newsletter 2019
C4R Sensus fidelium summary document 20191219 HERE
PDF Version of December Newsletter Here

Newsletter November 2019
FLYER Book Launch Sydney Getting back on Mission HERE
Report on September 2019 ICRN David Timbs HERE
Cath fR Newsletter Sydney Book Launch and NZ RC 15 October 2010 HERE

Newsletter August 2019 (PDF version) HERE
Documents in July 2019 Newsletter
PDF Version of July 2019 Newsletter HERE
Documents in March 2019 Newsletter
CFR PC Submission PUBLISHED 20190320  HERE
PDF Version of March 2019  Newsletter    HERE
HTML Version of March 2019 Newsletter   HERE

Documents in December 2018 Newsletter
PDF Version of December Newsletter  HERE
Australian diocesan websites and email addresses of bishops HERE
The Pax Romana and the Gospel of Disturbance - 2 HERE
Documents in November 2018 Newsletter
Background Resources supporting Agenda inputs to Australian Plenary Council 2020 2021 - Yarra Deanery and Catholics For Renewal HERE
Synodality PDF the Medium is the Message Newsletter 20181122 HERE

Documents in Newsletter September 2018
Priest Shortage, imported clergy (David Timbs) September 2018,  Here
Full Newsletter: Response of Australian bishops and religious leaders is more dithering Sept 2018-Copy.PDF (Here)
Documents in Newsletter May 2018:
Who's accompanying whom?  (David Timbs) HERE
CFR Letter To AB HART re 2020 Plenary and Diocesan Working Group 25 Jan 2018  HERE
ACCCR Letter to bps - Hart Pres FINAL - 120418  HERE

2020 Plenary - Bishops must tap into the grassroots without delay   HERE

AGM 2017 Pres report    HERE

An ill-informed plenary council for the Catholic Church 2 10 Nov 2017 HERE
Open Letter to Pope Benedict and Bishops of Australia HERE
20170619 CFR Response to ACBC OL Response 1300  HERE
We Can't put up a sign saying 'business as usual, David Timbs 20160723 HERE
Open Letter to Aust Bps hardcopy 20170328 2100  HERE
Bishops Open Letter advice Draft 20170328 1725 HERE
Revised Open Letter to Bishops 20170328 1725 HERE
Open Letter to Bishops 2017 HERE
PDD Corrected version CathFR Newsletter 2 2017 HERE
PDF version CathFR Newsletter 2 2017 HERE
Peter Day: The Smell Of The Sheep HERE
A People not a Pyramid. Split  o all Australian Bishops 201HERE

large print PDF version 0f Newsletter 2 2017 2 Feb 2017 HERE
Survey report on Needs Qualities 1 February 2017    Here
SurveyResultsSummary23Jan207 Here
Other diocese attachment12Jan17 Here

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Time for a new reception of Vatican II, David Timbs 20160716  Here

CathfR RC abridged submission 13 July16 Here

Loris Capovilla-1 June 2016  Here

Why the delays in appointing Australia's Bishops June 2016  Here

SIP - INTEGRATED - Choosing the next Archbishop of Melbourne - how it should occur, and why this is important Here

Editorial June 2016 Here

SIP Talk notes -Pumphouse, 4 May16 Amoris Laetitia e reform FINAL  Here


David Timbs: Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes, Francis and Mercy 20160412 Here




PDF Newsletter 1 Nov 2016  HERE

PDF Newsletter 4 August 2016 HERE

PDF Newsletter 8 June 2016 HERE

PDF Newsletter 12 April 2016 Here

PDF Newsletter 3 March 2016 Here

PDF Newsletter 1 February 2016 Here

The Age of Entitlement, David Timbs, 5 February 2016  Here

CathFR Newsletter No. 9 19 September 2015  Here

CathFR Newsletter No. 10 September 16 2015 here

CathFR Newsletter No. 11 December 5 2015  here

WILKINSON P Selecting Australia's Bishops - A role for All   here

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Maelstrom of Discernment 

The Jesus Movement VIII - Towards Nicaea


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