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      Editorial, "The Synod on the Family - What Next?"  

Editorial: click HERE 
(December 2015 / January 2016)
 October’s Synod on the Family in Rome has been seen by many as of little consequence. There is however another view, that the Synod has marked a new direction in the Church and that it has given Pope Francis confidence in asserting the lessons of Vatican II and the need for bishops to be more inclusive of the laity, to listen to the people of God, and to respect the faithful’s sense of the faith, the sensus fidelium, as stressed by Vatican II – see David Timbs’ discussion of the Synod A Maelstrom of Discernment........................In Australia, we are being reminded by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that the Church has a long way to go in addressing its failures ...................The Royal Commission is doing the Church an invaluable service by exposing grave dysfunctions in the governance of the institutional Church..................As David Timbs concludes, Francis is probably doing the laity an enormous service by coaxing and cajoling the bishops to move forward. He is leading the hierarchy into unfamiliar territory where they are being coaxed to grow up, to think independently and to lead prophetically with confidence and courage. He is also providing the Laity with the authority, validation and language to insist that their bishops listen to them, genuinely dialogue with them and collaborate in the common work of renewal and reform of the Church........... ........................Read Full Editorial HERE  
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