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Catholics For Renewal respects privacy and will not disclose provided personal details to any third parties or use them for any purpose other than those directly associated with running Catholics For Renewal Inc. and this website



Catholics For Renewal Costs

Our volunteers happily commit their time and expertise at no cost. However many of the things we do involve real costs, including publishing documents, representation and advocacy work involving travel, brochures, local and international communications, running this website and emailing news bulletins. With more funds we can also update those on our mailing list more regularly, which is very much what we would like to be able to do given all that is now happening.

As a voluntary organisation the challenging, exhaustive and exacting work towards our mission and activities as outlined in this website is greatly assisted by donations, for which we are thankful. To support our ongoing work we therefore request your donation if you are able to assist in this way. All donations will be used only for activities directly supporting our mission.


 You can assist our work in various ways if you support Church renewal. By donation, by directly participating in our work, through your prayer, or any combination of these. One simple way to assist is to make a small donation for being kept on our mailing list (becoming a 'subscriber'), preferably for each year you remain a subscriber. However if anyone can't afford this they are still welcome to join or remain on our mailing list and freely use all our website resources.

As practicing Catholics committed to our faith and wanting a Church that is Christlike, members belong to various Australian Parishes and many are also actively involved in supporting our local Parishes. Some are also former priests.

The group was incorporated in Victoria, Australia (Reg. No.A0056409X) on 19 July 2011.



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